New Territory

So, this is an odd time to start a blog about thoughts of life, and of running, considering I have not run in almost two months.  I can thank my kids for my original illness that led to pneumonia.  I hate you Emergen-C for not protecting my immune system. 

I have always in some way enjoyed writing.  So, why not start a blog that no one will read.

So, as far as my running goes, I started about 2 years ago.  It started as a reason to get into shape, it also started because my job was having this contest called the “100 Mile Challenge.” (Do I need to trademark this)?  So this gave me an oppurtunity to start. I should add that I’ve never been very athletic, except for that time in Jr. High where I ran track for a season.  That was a bit exhilarating.  And by exhilarating, I mean embarrassing.  Anyway, I decided to give running a try, and come to find out, it was actually enjoyable.  Turns out, I was actually kind of ok at it.  I could run faster than most of my peers, which was a change from that “exhilarating” experience in Jr. High.  My track coach always said, “You are more suited for distance.”  But no, I had to try sprinting.  I guess that’s why I was embarrassed. Have you seen my body frame?  I’m not exactly a Usain Bolt.

After about a year or so of running, I read an article about trail running.  That’s when things really changed for me.  There really is something about being in the woods and mountains that is a surreal experience.  It’s a chance to be by yourself, and really escape.  Sure, it can be fun running with others, but running in nature for a couple hours is a time to yourself, to listen to God’s creation and focus on absolutely nothing else.

So, this past couple months has been hard.  I’ve lost a good bit of fitness, and have missed the time in nature.  Pneumonia has kept me from running.  Probably a good idea so I don’t die.  Dying could put a damper on my race plans.  But, the good news is, I’ve been cleared to start running again.  So, I’ll head out, and probably be a bit humbled by the hills and trails.

This blog will follow my thoughts on life and running.  I guess I already said that.  Here are some races I have planned this year:

Terrapin Mountain 50K and 1/2 Marathon
Promised Land 50K
Mohican 50 Miler
Lynchburg Half Marathon
Virginia 10-Miler
Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run
and, Various 5K and 10K races


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